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Cooking has always been an important part of my life. My mother welcomed my help in her kitchen, first teaching me how to follow recipes, then how to experiment and use recipes as guidelines. My mother's approach to cooking made it fun and relaxing. By her side, I developed my passion for cooking and sharing wonderful food with others.

In 1994, I started training to be a personal chef. At the time, I didn't know that I was acting as our own personal chef; I was just trying to solve one of the challenges we faced every day: getting dinner on the table after long days at work and long commutes. Once a month, I planned our meals, we shopped for groceries, and I cooked and froze our meals for the month ahead. This allowed us to come home from work and have dinner ready without any work. Instead of coming home to having to decide what to cook, then cook it, eat, and cleanup, we came home and heated up our meal and had time to relax after dinner. Little did I know that I was training myself for a future career as a personal chef!

In 2003, after a 22-year career as a technical writer, I joined the Personal Chefs Network, a professional association of personal chefs, and started Anastasia's Table to pursue my passion for cooking for others. By this time, through my many cooking magazines, I had learned about personal chefs and realized that becoming a personal chef was a way for me to turn my passion into a new career. While doing what I enjoy most, I'll improve the quality of your life by preparing delicious, healthy meals for you and giving you time to enjoy the things that you love.

I love a challenge, so I cook for many clients with special dietary requirements. One of my specialties is gluten-free diets. Working with clients with food allergies allows me to do research, which I love, and to experiment with new foods and techniques. I've been able to put the enjoyment back into dinner time for my clients with restricted diets and that is so satisfying.

I'm trained in food safety and handling by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, and fully insured.

In October 2004, the Personal Chefs Network awarded me their Golden Whisk Award™ for New Personal Chef of the Year.

In May 2005, the Personal Chefs Network honored me with their Pacesetter Personal Chef Award®.

In 2006, Anastasia's Table received a Derry News Reader's Choice Award.

In May 2007, I received the Personal Chefs Network Golden Whisk Award™ for Personal Chef of the Year.

In August 2009, the Nashua Telegraph featured some of my zucchini recipes in Feast.

In October 2009, I was featured in Personal Chef magazine.

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